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Empowering people ....to grow in faith, and fullfill purpose!

Thank you for your interest in The EmPowerment Center.  TEC wants to make a difference in your life, our community and the world.  How do we do that? By empowering people like you to live a successful God centered life. Our focus is to empower the total man, Spirit, Soul and Body.  That's the driving purpose behind everything we do.  TEC isn't a building …It's people.  People like you from all walks of life and in various stages of growth in their faith.  

On our website you will find information about who we are, and what you can expect when you come to TEC.  In addition you can watch us via streaming online, Youtube , and Facebook.  I encourage you to join us for a weekend service.

We're looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you better.

Pastor Dave

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Need prayer, have questions or want to share some good NEWS contact us!

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Mon-Wed 10am-3pm

20910 Park Row

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Prayer request

We believe God answers prayer. No prayer request can be to big or to small for God.  We are delighted to join with you and pray for whatever the need is.  Every request you share is prayed over by our Prayer Team on a weekly basis. Allow us to partner with you in prayer.

Live stream

Please join by linking to our website via the links below.